Home Service

Do you have any requests or problems regarding your housing?
From minor repairs to renovation, Rand Works helps customers in creating a comfortable home.

Room remodeling and replacement of wet area facilities

Even a familiar home can change in usability due to changes in the family structure, or become damaged over time. Why not remodel your home to a more livable space that fits your current lifestyle? We propose the best plan to suit your budget, even for the replacement of various facilities that tend to be expensive.
We have received high praise, such as "The house became brighter" and "Communication between family members became easier."

Garden construction, exterior, landscaping

We place importance on creating a garden that not only looks soothing, but also has function. Even with a limited site and budget, we propose a plan that is "relaxing for everyone", "easy for children to play", and "friendly for elder parents".

Recently, we receive an increasing number of requests such as "We want to do some of the construction ourselves, but we want to leave this part to others."

Barrier-free construction

We propose to create an environment that pleases both people who give and need nursing care. Qualified staff create an optimal plan so that you can continue to live independently in a familiar home without needs for nursing care for everything.

Some people are eligible for municipal subsidies under various programs. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries, no matter how small.

Security camera/monitor installation

It is difficult to keep an eye on the area around home not only when you are out, but also when you are at home. The security system we offer is a reasonably priced surveillance camera system that includes cameras and 24-hour recording function. You can monitor suspicious movements around the building even when you are inside your room.

It is also possible to monitor remotely from your tablet or smartphone while you are out. In addition to crime prevention, the system can also be used to "keep an eye on your father who lives alone" or in case you "worry about your pet at home."