About our company name

Our company name is written in English as "Rand Works".
"Rand" stands for "Research and Development."

About the logo

The company name initial letter "R" is used as a motif.
The dynamic design of the logo represents the spirit of our company, which aims to be proactive attitude, quick to respond, and flexible and resourceful in problem-solving.


Company NameRandworks inc.
RepresentativeKeiichiro Suzuki
Location170-0005 Tokyo Toshima-ku Minami Otsuka 2-11-10
TELMain Office:03-5843-7362 FAX:050-3730-3699
Capital13 million yen
BankSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Ikebukuro Branch
Permits and licenses
  • Electrical contractor registration: Registered by the governor of Saitama prefecture
Affiliated organizations
  • Systems Auditors Association of Japan
  • Japan IT Strategist Association
  • Software Association of Japan
Company NameRandcareworks inc.
Location350-2206 Saitama Tsurugashima-shi Fujigane 826-1
TELMain Office:03-5860-6526 FAX:050-3737-0006
Capital3 million yen
BankMizuho Banking Kawagoe Branch
Permits and licenses
  • Long-term care insurance service provider
  • Disability welfare service office
  • General passenger automobile transportation business (care transportation service)

List of qualified persons

Rand Works' greatest strength is its "human resources".
Qualified personnel in a wide range of fields are available to listen to customer's current situation and issues, and provide the optimal service.

Technical department

  • 1st class qualified certified electrician
  • 2nd class qualified certified electrician
  • Hazardous materials officer class B group4
  • Skill training course for the operation of vehicle for work at height

Construction department

  • 1st class construction execution manager
  • 2nd class architect
  • Fire defense equipment officer class B

Information technology engineer qualification

  • IT strategist
  • System auditor
  • Other information technology engineer qualifications

Vendor qualification

  • ORACLE qualification
  • Cisco qualification
  • Microsoft qualification
  • Other vendor qualifications

Nursing care related

  • Class 2 standard motor vehicle license
  • Certified care worker
  • Completed practical training
  • Completed beginner training
  • 2nd class home care worker
Privacy Mark

We are a certified business authorized to use the Privacy Mark as a company that handles personal information appropriately.