Electrical & Network

More comfortable, more convenient, and above all, safer.
We receive orders from a wide range of customers, from private individuals to local factories, hospitals, and public construction projects.

Home Service

Our experts, who know everything about housing, will meet your needs.
We can also provide eco-friendly equipment such as solar power generation and home storage batteries.
We are also proud of our "visible results" service.

Infomation Security

If client's confidential or personal information is leaked...
There would be enormous loss to your organization such as loss of credibility, suspension of transactions, and compensation for damages.
We will propose a method to protect your important information and operate safely.


The environment surrounding management is constantly changing, and the amount of information in the world is exploding.
We utilize our accumulated cross-industry know-how to provide optimal solutions to our customers, especially in the areas of "maximizing business value", "drawing out organizational strength", and "establishing internal management systems".

Real Estate

We provide a one-stop service that completes not only buying and selling real estate (brokerage) and leasing, but also "property search, design, and construction (renovation work)".
We are ready to respond immediately to requests such as, "I am not sure whether to buy this house, but I would like to consider the total price including renovation."
This leads to our feature to prevent or minimize as much as possible the loss of the customer's purchase opportunity.

Home Care

We support the elderly and people with disabilities so that they can continue to live at home with peace of mind.
We visit their homes and provide physical care services and daily living assistance services such as cooking and shopping.
For those who have difficulty using public transportation alone, we provide assistance in getting from their homes to their destinations.