Home Care

"Living well in an aging society." To achieve this, we help you live a safe life.
All of our staff members provide nursing care with a sense of professionalism, and we provide services so that users can live a home life that enriches their heart. It is characterized by high quality nursing care services.

Home care service

Home care workers visit the home and assist those in need of nursing care in their daily lives.
Physical care services: We provide assistance that directly touches the user's body from waking to sleeping, such as assistance with eating, bathing, and excretion. We also assist them with daily living activities such as dressing, washing face, and brushing teeth to help them remain independent in their homes.
Living assistance service: We provide assistance with daily living such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking. We assist with things that are difficult for users and their family, such as shopping and picking up medications on your behalf.

Care transportation service

Our staff is thoroughly committed to safety, kindness, and politeness, and has the knowledge and skills to provide assistance in getting in and out of the vehicle. We can also accompany family members from nearby hospitals, facilities, and homes to the designated location.
Our purpose in life is to help our users find a new reason to live by creating a smile on their face with even a small chance or discovery.