Electrical & Network

Customization of electricity and networks is necessary for comfortable living and efficient work. We provide a wide range of services not only for residences and offices, but also for factories, hospitals, schools, and stores.

Electrical work for residences and offices

We handle new construction (renovation) work for detached houses, apartment, and offices.
Our professional staff can also handle solar power generation, storage batteries, and charging facilities for electric vehicles, so please feel free to contact us for more information.
In addition, a very small inquiry...
for example

Not enough outlets
I want a switch with a beautiful design
Breaker trips immediately

Do you have any of these problems? If it's about electricity, leave it to us.

Network construction, infrastructure environment construction

We provide total support for LAN wiring, network construction, router installation and configuration, and operation and maintenance. We do not "just connect" but also provide high quality work with attention to the beauty of the wiring and the appearance of the finishing.

In addition, we utilize our many years of experience in design and construction to support the development of an optimal IT environment so that the equipment introduced by the customer is neither too large nor too small.