For sound company management, "human resources" with various roles need to mesh tightly together like gears.
We make proposals to turn a large gear with a small one and draw out greater strength from it.

Do you have any of these concerns?

  • ■The existing business model does not fit
  • ■We want to increase sales or reduce costs...
  • We don't know where to start or what areas to shore up.
  • ■We are worried about personal information leaks. Are there any problems with our company's information security?
  • ■We want to improve quality and technical capabilities. We want to streamline inward work with few customer contacts and strengthen outward sales with many customer contacts.

Proposal and development of new business

Wherever there are people, regardless of the size of a company, there are many ideas hidden. What should we do to lead these ideas to projects, create new values, and apply them to our business?
We evaluate and make recommendations on management and new business from the perspective of outside professionals.

  • ■ Producing new business development projects and venture creation
  • ■ Suggestions for making the most of the customer's strengths from an outside perspective
  • ■ Business planning (and revision) support, implementation of various surveys

Reform and strengthening of organization

More than a few managers seem to have organizational problems, such as "It's getting harder to proceed with business using the same methods as before."

In order to keep up with the changing times and diversifying employees while ensuring smooth organizational operations, we achieve reform and strengthening of organization through the effective use of IT and other proposals.