How to keep a car engine from overheating

It is very important to timely monitor the “health” of the motor, and also not to forget about the inspection of the cooling system components. Experts note that over time, less and less car owners care about the technical condition of their car. Nevertheless, do not forget that a car is a complex mechanism that needs care and timely diagnostics. Otherwise, the owner of the car may unexpectedly face the problem of expensive repairs. One of the most important elements is the cooling system of the power unit. Its malfunction can lead to depressurization and leakage of coolant, and this, in turn, entails overheating of the engine. The most common “symptom” of this problem manifests itself in the form of a drop in the antifreeze indicator in the expansion tank, the appearance of unknown colored puddles under the car, as well as in the form of steam from the expansion tank. The situation is especially difficult with the latter, since white smoke indicates the above depressurization of the cooling system. When a microcrack forms, antifreeze begins to flow through it. This liquid then flows directly into the combustion chamber and leads to water hammer. We advise every motorist to regularly diagnose and repair important components of cooling systems. Source